Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sandbach Today

The Sandbach Today event is a wonderful chance for the various groups of Sandbach to get together and present what they do throughout the year to the public of Sandbach.

Our Fairtrade display promoted the idea of swapping an everyday product for a Fairtrade product. The Fairtrade publication ‘A Little Book Of Swap’ was the inspiration, a leaflet that encourages people at different times of the year to consider swapping to a Fairtrade product. For example Fairtrade lemons on Pancake Day, Fairtrade beers and wine on FA cup final day and Fairtrade cotton uniforms for the return to school.

Visually the theme for the display was one of Fairtrade’s favourite quotes:

“Many raindrops make mighty rivers flow”

Everyday products were pictured and the alternative Fairtrade product displayed, together with a possible end product such as Fairtrade Banana Loaf or Fairtrade Halva made by our volunteers. Raindrops adorned the exhibition and Fairtade information was displayed.

We ran a competition to get people to think about what product they would swap. Members of the group hand throughout the day to speak to people and promote the message. ‘Dear Store Manager’ cards were given out for people to encourage their local shops to stock Fairtrade products.

After the event, reflecting on all the people we spoke to we feel encouraged that we can make a change, together, “just one little swap at a time”.