Peak Oil

"The real problem is that we use too much oil. It's that simple and that difficult. If we truly want to reduce our vulnerability to high prices, the best way to do so is to reduce consumption."
— Richard Heinberg, Author of Peak Everything

Whatever your views on climate change, what is undeniable is that we live on a finite planet, with finite and rapidly dwindling resources.  In other words, our ability to supply fuel is falling, while increasing population levels are creating ever more demand.  And while peak oil receives little coverage in the mainstream media, it is possibly the greatest challenge facing modern society.  Put simply, peak oil occurs when global oil extraction reaches its maximum rate and production cannot be increased to meet increasing demand.
The result is rising prices, and not just when we fill up at the fuel pumps.  As a society we rely on oil for everything from the food we eat and the clothes we wear to the plastics that we take for granted in every aspect of our daily lives.
When Will it Happen?

Depending on who you ask, you will recieve a different answer.  Many credible researchers claim it has already happened, as far back as 2005 in some estimations.  Even the oil companies, who have historically denied that there would ever be a problem, now point to a date of around 2015.  So while we may not be able to pinpoint a exact date, it is definitely a question of when and not if peak oil occurs.
How Well is Sandbach Prepared for Peak Oil?

In the UK we produce just 60% of the food we consume; imported products line the shelves of our most popular stores and for transport we rely on private cars taking us to work and to our leisure activities.

  • What will we eat when we can't fly our food from around the world? 
  • How will we travel when we can no longer afford to put fuel in our cars? 
  • How prepared are we for a post-oil future?

Whether we like it or not, we will find out the answers to these questions over the coming decades.  Making the right choices now will be crucial to achieving the best outcomes in the future.