Friday, 14 January 2011

Under Construction

This blog is under construction.  Once live, it will be a space where people with an interest in creating a greener, better future for Sandbach can keep in touch and learn more about what is happening in their community.

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  1. This is an important development in the raising of awareness of sustainability, particularly in the Sandbach area. All contributions are welcome, especially those that are associated with positive action, rather that suggestions of actions that other people can make. I propose that our motto should be "YOU SUGGEST IT, YOU DO IT"

    It is not suggestions we are short of, it is people who will "get their coats off and get their hands dirty".

    These people tend to be fewer in number that those that simply make suggestions. It is not that we are reluctant to accept new or radical ideas, but we are reluctant to take on loads of extra tasks just to make those sitting at home doing nothing feel better!

    So get involved!