Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Love Food, Hate Waste

just to give people a 'heads up' on the competition for 'the best leftovers salad' being judged at our Eco-Family Fun Day this Saturday (11th June) at 1.00 (event runs from 10-2). It's a great opportunity to look at the "love food, hate waste" website:

and to see what amazing meals can be made simply from the leftovers from a previous meal.

‘the best leftovers salad’ competition

- make a scrumptious salad using leftovers from a previous meal.

- please bring a card with your name on and the ingredients you have used.

A salad can be made extra scrumptious by using leftover cold sausage thinly sliced, slightly stale bread can make croutons, fruit and nuts can be used. Having a good stock cupboard (or jars in the fridge) can add to your leftovers salad, gerkins, olives etc. A great tip when using bags of salad is to, once opened, store in an airtight container in the fridge with a sheet of kitchen roll above and below, it keeps for much longer!

So please have a go at our competition and bring your salad on the day,

enjoy creating!

Emma Burgess
07884 196700

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